A Black Woman's Quest for 'the Truth!'

                "Is it possible to be Single, Spiritual...AND Sexual?"

Not if you were brought up to believe that sex before marriage is wrong.

         If on the other hand you were NOT indoctrinated into a religion your answer may be a positive, pillow-biting “Yes, yes, YES!”   


The book thousands of people have thought about writing but never did...        

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Suzanne is a young Christian woman who struggles with her sexuality and religious beliefs.  However, she reaches a point in her Christian walk where she's not only questioning the 'no sex before marriage' rule, but everything else she was taught to believe!  Since she couldn't get the answers from the church, she decides to go straight to the 'Man upstairs'.  Her 'an angry letter to God' marks a turning-point in her life; she begins to learn about the creative power of her thoughts, her African ancestry, the his-story of the religion she had been indoctrinated into, and the direct link between sex and spirituality.

 familiar journey for thousands, this sensational book breaks some
unspoken taboos in a thought-provoking yet enlightening way that many can relate to.  Read what others had to say about it HERE

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(Warning: contains scenes of a graphic sexual nature)


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'You will know the Truth and the Truth will set you FREE!'


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